Media Art

New technologies and developments enable to imagine ground-breaking art. With every project, we love to invision disruptive concepts to captivate peolpe. Combining immersive audio design, visual forms of sound representation and user interaction in an esthetic and artistic way, we aim at shaping the future of media art.

VR Sound

The field of virtual reality might at first bring focus to the visual aspect. Though, the audio part of VR is at least as important as the image. A convincing soundscape is the key element, that can uplift a production from being nice entertainment to an immersive and awesome experience. A famous quote of George Lucas says „The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie.” We are convinced that sound is even more important in VR.


Every space is different. And every space needs a different sound. Wether for museums, exhibitions or showrooms, we help you craft the sonic experience you need. We combine the essence of your environment with carefully selected sounds to make bold statements.

Audio Design

Sounds carry emotions and therefore establish an instantaneous connection to the subconscious.
This is why we pay a lot of attention to audio design and translate every detail from identity to design language into recognizable, reflecting sounds.

Media Today

Combining future audio technologies and highend studio productions, we aim to build the bridge between product and user. The interconnectedness of the world leads to a more difficult enthusiasm of consumers, making the meaningful use of many senses and new technologies necessary.


New Technology

New technologies enable the users looking into and interacting with multimedia technology easier than before. We combine our different backgrounds  and approaches for thinking out of the box and creating innovative audio solutions.